Changing the Face of Dying was born of ten amazing years working in hospitals and emergency rooms across the country. In that time, a vision formed of changing our societal views on death as a taboo subject; starting and perpetuating conversations about end-of-life; education to change the way we perceive death and plan for it; retaining control of our lives to the very last breath.  We work with individuals, organizations and families in a multifaceted approach to define quality of life and plan for how to maintain that quality through to the last breath.

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What Do You Want Done When Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

Imagine you take your car to the shop, it’s a good old car but lately it’s been stalling out occasionally, the check engine light comes on; something just isn’t right. The mechanic looks it over and tells you, it’s complicated, but he can fix it.  He gives you a list...

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