Changing the Face of Dying was born of 10 amazing years working in hospitals and emergency rooms across the country. Through that time a vision formed, the vision of changing our societal viewpoint of death as a taboo and unspoken subject, the vision of creating and perpetuating conversations and education that can change both the way we perceive death and how we die, a vision of regaining control of our own lives to the very last breath in line with our values and our choices.

Changing the Face of Dying is committed to education for all of us, education in how to make your own choices, how to communicate them, how to have them best fulfilled when your own voice cannot speak. Changing the face of dying is committed to helping people plan their vision of end-of-life as they see it, and helping it become reality when it must. Changing the face of dying is there to help those that need help in the end to find peace, to be held in love and human connection, to ease the passing from this life to whatever might be beyond.

Changing the Face of Dying has no spiritual or religious connection, we are there for everyone, and the beliefs of those who share in this vision are not imposed upon those that seek our assistance.

Changing the Face of Dying is not directly connected to any hospital or agency; we are a private business existing in service to the people who engage us. We do not seek to promote nor prevent or replace the use of hospital care, hospice, legal council or any other service that maybe be involved in end-of-life, though we are available to make suggestions and help with informed choices throughout the processes of chronic illness, disease and end of life. Changing the Face of Dying stands as much as possible as a neutral party, willingly working with all agencies that promote health and wellness at end-of-life in respect to the decisions of those who seek our services.

Changing the Face of Dying is an evolving and growing entity. As such, the scope of what we do is still growing and changing. If you have questions or needs around the topics of end-of-life care, please feel free to let us know and we will see how we can best assist either directly or by referring you on.

PageLines-favicon.png Educating people on available choices regarding end of life, how and when to make those choices, how to communicate them & how to have them fulfilled when your voice cannot be heard.

PageLines-favicon.png Committed to helping people plan a vision for end-of-life and helping that vision become reality when the time comes.

PageLines-favicon.png Striving to provide advocacy services for people going through current healthcare diagnosis and treatment to assure quality end of life  as each person defines it.

PageLines-favicon.png Companioning the dying and assisting families so that no person dies alone.

PageLines-favicon.png Helping those in need to find peace, to be held in love and human connection, to ease the passing from this life to whatever might lie beyond.

We work towards these goals in a multifaceted approach through Education, Planning, Advocacy and Support for end of life.