I am neither young anymore,

Nor am I old
But in my being and years
I have known death
I have seen the beauty of her welcome face,
As her arms embraced and drew the last suffering breath away
Leaving peace.
I have seen her in all her darkness
Whisking vitality and life away into dark foreboding unknown.
I have seen a million of her personalities in between,
And so she is neither my ally nor my enemy
And I can no more change her course or her cause
Than I can stop the beating of my own heart,
No matter how the wish or desire might consume me in a moment.
I yield to her power and her time,
Though I might beg of her more  moments.
I am no longer foolhardy enough to believe
she does other than laugh at my pretensions,
And continue on her path
The one thing over which I can truly effect
Is not her time or her will,
But the furrowed brow of the one she comes for
She is neither evil nor good
She just is, as true as my heart beats.
When that day comes, and she comes for you,
I will hold your hand until the moment she takes you
Softly singing of peace and light
That you may see only her beauty and grace

Never knowing her many other faces that I have known.

Amanda L. Carr
July, 2015