death-cafeSo, you’re thinking of an amazing way to pass an evening,  I doubt for any of you, attending a Death Café came to mind.  Since the idea of death cafe’s started in 2004 in Switzerland they have spread across the globe with increasing popularity.  The idea is to encourage conversations on death in an open, non-judgemental forum.   Some people are tackling terminal disease, others are helping loved ones through end-of-life, many have questions about DNR’s and DNI orders or alternative funeral options.  There is no supplied topic, the idea is that people bring their questions and encourage open discussion.  Regardless of the question, the death cafe is designed to provide a safe, open forum of discussion, usually hosted by someone who works in hospice or similar industries who is familiar with speaking about death and associated issues.
To many it comes as a surprise, but as death has changed through the years, so has the desire and need to talk about it.  This is exactly what this blog is attempting to encourage, Death Cafe’s bring the conversation to people in their own communities.
If you are interested in exploring further the idea of death cafe’s, attending one yourself or have questions about death topics and cannot find answers, I encourage you to check out where you can search for local opportunities to engage in this unique experience.  If none is available please feel free to write to me and I will see if I can assist in finding appropriate resources in your area.
If you’d like more in-depth information about death cafe’s in general please refer to the article linked below or