IMG_4790During the last days of our trip to New Zealand and Australia, Deanna Cochran of Quality of Life Care, LLC and I sat down and talked about the climate of end of life care in the Emergency Room.  If you’re interested in listening to the conversation please use the link below to get to The Journey.

Listen to Amanda on The Journey now!

The Journey is a great series of Podcasts with amazing people working in end of life care in many different capacities.  I encourage you to explore the series further and explore some of the people and topics.  The previous week’s interview with Dr. Michael Barbato was also done during the trip.  Dr. Barbato is an incredible man whom I feel very honored to have been able to spend time talking to during our adventures.  He has great insight into this industry and our care for the dying after years of working as a Palliative Care Physician.  His interview can be listened to here.

I will be writing more about Michael and our discussions with him and other workers in the end of life movement in upcoming blogs so stay tuned for more.