I am so very very excited!

Let me first say – I very much appreciate the support and love from the community, those that have read this blog and mentioned it to me, shared it with others, shared their thoughts!  The primary purpose of my writing here is to encourage conversation and I wish I could explain to you all how amazing it feels to know it’s doing just that!  
I’ve been doing increasing research on end of life issues, resources and programs here in Maine and other states as well.  I am greatly encouraged by the number of programs and initiatives I have come across to improve end of life care.  I am currently considering several different training programs and discussing options with other practitioners out there to find the right program for myself.  I am also compiling a resource list which will expand the current link/resource section on this website.  My hope that this blog will not only become a place of sharing experiences, educating and discussion, but also a resource to those facing end of life issues and searching for assistance.  Please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you have links to interesting resources!  I love all the book suggestions I’ve received recently!
I’m also excited because Maine came very close today to doing something wonderful for her residents, Maine nearly passed the Death with Dignity Act.  Though the measure passed the House it failed in the Senate and will return to Senate consideration.  It remains my hope that this measure will pass.  Even if it does not at this time, however, our state is talking about death, we are considering the ramifications of a society which doesn’t discuss an inevitable conclusion.  We all die, life is, as I’ve said before 100% Terminal.  I consider it a win that we’re getting this close, that the discussion is widening and views are changing.  Additionally the Maine State Legislature has been working on bills regarding the expansion of palliative care services to residents of the state.  The discussion and expansion of compassionate services to the residents of Maine is extremely important!  We are moving in the right direction to promote quality over mere quantity!
That being said – please feel free to disagree (respectfully please) with anything I post or publish here.  My intent is not to force feed others my thoughts or views, but just as I said: Encourage conversation.  I have spent the last 10 years of my life dedicated to being the best nurse I can be, dedicated to saving and preserving life, dedicated to my patients and my colleagues.  Though I speak quite easily about accepting the dying process and making it beautiful, I understand how difficult the process is for patients and families, the topic brings up a wide range of emotions and I respect them.  It is hard to contemplate saying goodbye to those you love.  I believe wholeheartedly in the sanctity of life, all lives.  I believe in the Death With Dignity Act as it provides an option to end suffering when a patient has been unable to find other relief, I do not condone or promote in any way expediting death for patients who do not desire that outcome or who have not exhausted other options for relief of their suffering.