His last words were simple, not a surprise to anyone that knew him, not a surprise to her.  

“Feed Chance….”

I don’1175410_3435509382679_1063427310_nt know if anywhere inside him he realized the profundity of those words, I somehow doubt he meant more in that moment than for her to actually feed his best friend, his dog, the part of him that gets to remain with her; living, breathing, loving steak, loving life and loving her.  

In time, I believe, she will live out his final words.  She will feed chance at every turn, seizing opportunity; doing the things she told me she wished they’d done together, before they got here.  In all these things she will live out his final wishes for her to feed chance, she will remember him and cherish their time, and she will live the dreams she’s dreamed that they dreamed together, and no doubt bring the plethora of insanity and joy that we all know and love from her. 

In each ray of sunshine that greets her skin, in each laugh, in each new experience and the happiness that will come, he will be there, his spirit on the wind as she goes on to Feed Chance.

I bet when that big bag of food comes from Walmart online, and she feeds Chance, or when she brings home that piece of steak or bone, that simple act will have a whole new meaning and a pause, to think of the man she loved, cherished, drove insane, laughed at and with, and, when it was time, let go….

He rests in peace now my friend, and its time for you to go Feed Chance.