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National Healthcare Decisions Day 2019 – April 16  1-5pm 

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April 16 – 22, 2017 – National Healthcare Decisions Day Event with Southern Maine Chapter of American Association of Critical Care Nurses & Changing the Face of Dying(NHDD Website)

April 16, 2016 – National Healthcare Decisions Day Event (NHDD Website) in coordination with Southern Maine Chapter of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.  Join us at the Portland Public Library from 10am – 5pm on Saturday the 16th, 2016 to learn about advanced healthcare decision making and options!    For more information click here!

May 2016 – Speaking at Southern Maine Agency Quarterly Workshop
Before the Last Breath Maximizing the Quality of Life

November 2015 – Doula Journey / New Zealand & Australia
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Love, Grief, Breath.

It's been a difficult year. I may be a woman that works with death all the time, but let me tell you: all the practice in the world doesn't make it easy when it’s your friends that are dying, when the people that you are asking to let go are ‘your people.’ As a...

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“Just Because We Can – Doesn’t Always Mean We Should” – A Phrase With Many Applications

The Phrase “Just because we can doesn’t always mean we should” is one often heard these days in the context of making decisions about life saving procedures and interventions – but it also has other wide reaching applications including – should I take my loved one home to die. The Article included and the commentary provided here by Amanda gives insight into some of the key thoughts and factors that go into such a decision.

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