Highly Recommended Resources:

  • Last Things – Resources & Information for Alternatives at the end of life – including Maine Practitioners
  • Endwell – A Movement to create a cultural shift to normalize conversations about mortality throughout life.  Their platform supports new collaborations, systems, protocols, products and fosters new and existing networks of support to make the end of life more human centered for all.  
  • Good Ground Great Beyond – is 63 acres in the Midcoast region aimed at becoming a memorial park and scattering garden as well as a contemplative hermitage and location for a legal, public, open air cremation pyre.  Their website offers further information & resource links as well.
  • The Maine Chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation – 65 and older make a wish organization – giving back to deserving Maine Seniors one wish at time.
  • Sea Change Chorale – A local choir that sings in efforts to promote social justice and create a sense of community in Southern Maine through music and supporting other organization’s inspiring work.
  • LongWorld Services – A National Service that can assist with wrapping up all necessary details after a loved on passes  – this is a pretty incredible service especially when friends/family are out of state and an estate needs to be dispersed after a death.  Check it out!
  • Last Dance Shrouds – Dina is an amazing woman and resource in this work and her shrouds are GORGEOUS!  If you want to learn more about options for shrouding or just about shrouds in general, check out her site!  What an incredible way to honor the person you love with a beautiful personal touch!
  • Death Talk LA –  The Newest Game in Town for exploring your mortality and talking about death in the Lewiston/Auburn Area – Check out their exciting upcoming events!

Shiny Awesome Things to Check Out – (These may not all be available in your area yet)

  • Parting Stones – Have Cremains turned into beautiful memory stones
  • Recompose – Ecological, Participatory and reverential death care.
  • Caitlin Doughty – Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?  Preorder!  – Her newest book will hit the shelves before you know it!  This girl is hot, and not just because she’s standing in a crematorium.
  • Orphan Wisdom – The wisdom & teachings of Stephen Jenkinson 

Maine physician order for Life Sustaining Treatment – POLST

Advanced Directive and Conversation Starters

Funeral/Burial Options

Grief Resources

Maine Hospice/Palliative Care – General Resources & Home Hospice Services

Maine & New Hampshire Hospice Houses

Other Misc Maine and National Resources & Links to Services 


  • When Breath Becomes Air –  Paul Kalanithi
  • Being Mortal – Atul Guwande
  • Die Wise – Stephen Jenkinson

Living! Charities, experiences and opportunities!

  • Death Cafe – talk about it!  
  • Twilight Wish – 65 and older make a wish foundation
  • Sea Change Chorale – A local choir that sings in efforts to promote social justice and create a sense of community.
  • Harbour Singers – A Choir Group of singers who bring music to the bedside of those on hospice
  • Portland Wheelers – Portland Wheelers is focused on people living with significant disabilities and our unique way of getting them outdoors for therapeutic recreation, adventure, and fun.
  • Do it For The Love – A wish granting charity that works to connect people with terminal or life-threatening illness with their favorite musicians and artists.

Thought Provoking/conversation starters:

Death With Dignity – Legislation & Discussion

VSED – Voluntary Stopping of Eating & Drinking – Resources, Information & Discussion

Disease Specific Resources/Links

Veteran’s Resources

Medicinal Cannabis Information & Links