images-2Changing the Face of Dying is my vision, created out of 10+ years in the medical industry as a traveling Emergency Room Nurse.    Over time, I have grown increasingly frustrated watching families and individuals struggle over end of life decision making – or more often, the lack there of.  It is time for us to change the culture of death in this country, to stop denying the inevitable, embrace our ability to make choices, and discuss these topics with the ones we love so that bedside decisions are made in an informed and cohesive manner that protect the rights and the choices of the dying.  (more information at About Us – Changing the Face of Dying)

We work towards these goals in a multifaceted approach through Education, Planning, Advocacy and Support for end of life.

Education & Planning:  We strive to educate people on end of life choices and help them plan ahead through workshops, community outreach, small group, family and individual sessions.   Education includes (but is not limited to) topics imagessuch as:

  • Having “The Conversation” with those you love
  • Creating and maintaining end of life documentation such as POLST, DNR, DNI, Living Wills/Advanced Directives
  • Important Considerations in choosing a Durable Medical Power of Attorney
  • Pre-planning for end of life and personally defining quality of life.
  • Dying at Home, Green Funerals and other alternative end of life choices.
  • What to expect and coping mechanisms for caregivers.

If you’re interested in education for yourself,  your family, your community or organization regarding end of life issues, please get in touch!

 We work directly with individuals and families coping with terminal and potentially terminal diagnoses to determine and maintain quality of life, as individually defined.   Work in this area is tailored to each unique situation and may include:


  • Discussing your wishes with your healthcare team and how to best make sure they’re honored.
  • Discussing your wishes with your family
  • Discussing end of life choices with an ill or dying family member
  • Progression from active curative treatment through end of life, use of palliative care, engaging hospice services, arranging alternative therapy, treatment and care both in home and in hospital/facility settings.

If you or someone you love needs someone to advocate for them or you need assistance facilitating conversations or accessing resources for yourself or a loved one, please, let us know.  If we cannot help directly we will work to connect you to the right resources.

Support:  We firmly believe that no person should die alone.  We provide support for patients and family during end-of-life

  • Assisting families in providing comfort for a dying loved one.
  • Providing vigil and end of life doula services to aid in honoring and achieving end of life wishes
  • Assisting in processing through the grieving and loss process, including legacy work with patients and family.  For more on Legacy work see: Making Memories.

Changing the Face of Dying has no spiritual or religious connection, we are there for everyone, and the beliefs of those who share in this vision are not imposed upon those that seek our assistance.  We are always willing to learn about and incorporate an individual’s spiritual and/or religious beliefs into planning and care.

We are not directly connected to any hospital or agency; we are a private business existing in service to the people who engage us. We do not seek to promote nor prevent or replace the use of hospital care, hospice, legal council or any other service that maybe be involved in end-of-life, though we are available to make suggestions and help with informed choices throughout the processes of chronic illness, disease and end of life. Changing the Face of Dying stands as much as possible as a neutral party, willingly working with all agencies that promote health and wellness at end-of-life in respect to the decisions of those who seek our services.

As a business, we are an evolving and growing entity. As such, the scope of what we do is still growing and changing. If you have questions or needs around the topics of end-of-life care, please feel free to let us know and we will see how we can best assist either directly or by referring you on.