Young mom's deadly cancer battle ignites world of hope

She was the ultimate example of grace. (via Humankind Stories)

Posted by Upworthy on Sunday, April 22, 2018

More community! More connecting!

Senior Citizens Fighting Loneliness

Elderly people are fighting loneliness in an amazing way.

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Community - maybe that’s a huge part of what we are missing these days!

The town working together to fight loneliness

This town has a plan to end loneliness (via BBC World Hacks)

Posted by BBC News on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Well there’s always something to make you go hmmm.....

Congrats and thank you Wendy - you just popped my eyes wide open! In a time when I find myself often trying to re-frame difficult situations in my own mind with the phrase: ok life is doing this FOR you, not TO you - now figure out what just re-framed something so difficult so marvelously! I can’t wait to read and explore more!

Thank you!

This is inspiring and so true. Take a listen!

Yoko Sen, My Last Sound

Musician Yoko Sen of Sen Sound expands our understanding of sound and explores the widely held belief that our hearing is the last sense we lose at the end of life. She asks, "What is the last sound you would like to hear?" Be prepared to be moved.

Posted by End Well : Design For The End of Life Experience on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Gina - you’d best come back with some stellar ideas for Portland - it’s time to start shakin things up 🙂

Powerful and important

Baby Loss

Four things Nicola wanted to hear (and not hear) when her baby died.

Posted by BBC Radio Derby on Monday, April 9, 2018


💀Death Cafe with Gina This week💀
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With Honor and Gratitude.

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Hospice doctor faces death without fear

He's a beautiful example of a practicing what you preach. (via Humankind Stories)

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Yes, to this, all of this. Please read the attached article.

My own words tonight fail me - in returning home my grief has found me, or perhaps I have found it; either way I am, letting myself feel it fully, in it’s glorious, aching splendor.

They say grief is all the love you had for someone in earthly form looking for a new outlet, I want to feel and explode with life in my grief over Larry’s death. He was amazing, and flawed and so dear and so stubborn and I want to feel the power of all that love channeling into the rest of my life, into living and loving and perpetuating the beautiful resilience and humor and tenacity of his spirit. I want to go out and live like I want to die, fortified by the work of being part of his legacy and the perpetuation of his memory and spirit.

So this is how I’ve come to feel that, for the most part,
Larry indeed lived, and so too how I am and will, and will strive to more-so, live with every breath.

And just maybe you’ll join me on this beautiful side of living, loving and grieving.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

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