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Hats off to the Florida hospital ethics committee !

Great resource in Maine for end-of-life alternatives - information, options and practitioners! Take a look!

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We take a break from hospice-y stuff to bring you this message from New Zealand.

Ok enough of a break - take your death to the beach, to the mountains, to any place you can imagine - how? Don’t hide from it, deny it, ignore it or bury your head in the sand - make plans, know your options and rights in the medical establishment and communicate with those you love that will speak for you when you can’t - and then you will be much more likely to have your own opportunity to take the grim reaper on a beach vacation.

***any humor in this post is not meant to be offensive - while understanding these are sensitive topics - some people will find understanding best in humor. I try to bring a broad spectrum of experience to those who read here, please respect that as i respect all of my reader’s rights to disagree with content and delivery here. Please feel free to approach me personally should you wish to discuss any disapproval or difficult feelings this may have caused.

I love this! As we enter this holiday season, a time of family and memories - ask them for their stories!

Such an incredibly beautiful message - take a listen!

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If you ever wonder if life gives you what you need when you need it, come sit by my fire for awhile. Or watch this, I have not a single question as to why this appeared in my life this morning.

I just close my eyes and let the tears go free, I let myself feel and in the chaotic song of sadness, grief, joy, love, and complete sense of being unbelievably blessed, I know - somehow when it seems all utterly senseless it will still be okay.

My plans and expectations, my hopes and my dreams, had they all gone just as I had once willed them to go - I would not be here now, gloriously here. Those who have come and gone from my stage - I would have chosen them to stay long past their curtain call, but in the ebb and flow of life without my consent, but to my ultimate blessing - I have loved, I have let go, I have laughed, I have cried, and I have always been better off for it, even when I couldn’t possibly see that.

Oh the beautiful wisdom of children - to tuck them in lovingly with a telescope in hand and know it will be okay.

Take a minute today and send this precious one a card. If you don’t have a moment to do so - send me a message with what you want to say and I’ll send one for you!

Such a beautiful thing to do, added to my checklist of things to work on - making sure our local hospitals have angel gowns! Kate Lydon

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Tomorrow night in London - an amazing group of visionary people will come together to put on an event that sadly, I can only attend in spirit and in voice. It was an honor to find that an original poem of mine, read by me, will be included in the experience at Christ's Chapel tomorrow night November 3, 2017.

To the dedicated and passionate souls who have worked so hard to create this experience - my thoughts and well wishes, my voice and my admiration will be with you. I thank you endlessly for the opportunity to be part of your vision and for the message you bring to the world, one so near and dear to my heart.

From the beauty of #unsaid to the courageous expression of #lifedeathwhatever - you inspire and awe me and many others, and tomorrow night will be extraordinary!!