It’s hard to believe it was 3 years ago today that I made this dream come true. Born of a picture of Pumakkale seen years prior, I vowed to one day see her beauty with my own eyes. There are few prouder moments of my life then when I made this dream come true, traveling through 9 countries in Europe on my own and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of this amazing place.
Life finds me once more, staring at a dream of a new Pumakkale, and I wonder, am I strong enough to risk it all again, to throw caution to the wind and take that leap to see my passion, my dreams, my beautiful new Pumakkale with my own eyes.
Starting Changing The Face of Dying is an amazing adventure for me ( I thank all who have supported me so far…..
Grant me the courage to chase this dream with the same tenacity that led me to the tops of mountains in Turkey. Let me have courage to choose the risk, because there is so much amazing work to be done here, and I long with all my heart to do it. 
Let me honor the memory and legacy of my Grandmother, Frances Carr and my Grandfather Kenneth Richards, who taught me more about love, perseverance and fighting for what is right through their amazing lives, and taught me what quality of life and preservation of dignity meant through their own end-of-life journeys.
It is with great excitement that I can now announce that I am taking a new leap, sometimes I think my eyes are closed as I make it, sometimes I’m quite sure they’re wide open….either way here I go!
In November, 2015 I will join Deanna Cochran, an amazing end-of-life doula/midwife (, in a journey of training and exploration through New Zealand and Australia.  During this exciting time I will be working on my own plan and vision for my work as an end-of-life doula and learning about the work of many other amazing spirits in this field.
Until that time I will continue the blog and working with anyone referred to me.  Hopefully I will be joining Kate Brown and her colleagues in the Falmouth Death Cafe, held the 3rd Tuesday of every month (see: and I also hope to meet and network with more like-minded practitioners in the area to bring all these great resources together.
During the trip, Deanna and I will be blogging – both in writing and video to share our adventures and experiences.
I hope you stay tuned, there are amazing things to come!