EmilysQuotes.Com-face-sun-shadows-fall-behind-amazing-inspirational-positive-advice-Maori-ProverbIn a little over a week, I will be traveling with Deanna Cochran, RN, CHPN of  Quality of Life Care, LLC to explore New Zealand and Australia.  We will be sight seeing and enjoying the amazing beauty of these two countries (and sharing pictures and stories along the way), but also exploring the end-of-life movement in these locations.   New Zealand and Australia are both highly rated for their end-of-life care.  In the pursuit of changing the face of dying I feel it’s vital to learn from both the successes and mistakes of others and listen to how they are tackling the topics of death and end-of-life in different places.  This trip brings together my long-time love of traveling and exploring the world, and my desire to educate myself and others on the ways we can change end-of-life care.

Deanna has arranged an amazing trip for us in conjunction with her End-of-Life Doula training program.  I am endlessly thankful that this amazing woman, with such a heart for this work, has come into my images-4life.   Deanna works tirelessly in her own pursuits both as an End of Life Doula and educating others with passion and heart for serving the dying.   I am truly honored to be selected to join Deanna on this journey.  We will meet with several different people and groups in these locations to discuss their work and their vision in end-of-life care.  You can find further information about the trip and those we will be working with at www.doulajourney.com.

I’ve dreamed of seeing both of these locations for years.  Living in Hawaii years ago I developed a love for the Maori culture of New Zealand.  I have always had a desire to explore Australia, and not just because I watched IF-strongCrocodile Dundee as a kid.  I am so excited to see these amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, incredible wild life and to meet caring wonderful people along the way with a similar vision.  I could not imagine a better place to go right now, to renew my spirit and energy in the fresh ocean air, invigorate me in the splendor of nature and energize me in moving forward in my work.

Had you asked me a year ago I would never have guessed that I’d be in this place, about to travel to two of my “bucket list” locations and 5895225801_34af8eed3a_bpreparing to launch my own business!  Life takes my breath away right now (sometimes literally, actually –  that might have been an anxiety attack!).  It’s amazing just how much can change in such a short time!  So here we go!  I just need to remember to breathe as I try to accomplish a huge number of things in preparation to leaving.

Upon my return, Changing the Face of Dying will launch as an LLC, I will begin taking clients and continue working to educate those around me about the ability and need to prepare for our own end-of-lives, as well as working in the end-of-life doula role.   The scope of my vision is huge and the details of my own work have yet to be fully determined.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever put a definitive scope on what I do in this business, there are so many facets to this work that I long to do!  This work is what I truly believe I was meant to do.  Every bit of me looks forward to the education, the spiritual journey, and the beauty of this trip; and the excitement of Changing the Face of Dying upon my return!